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Coffee That Doesn't Care
Aug 5 '14

cindytaughtyou asked:

Lol I just started training at Spartys and heard about your blog, lol. Its too funny.

tell me something i don’t know.

/wink wonk.

Jan 29 '14

Putting in your two weeks notice

Jan 18 '14

People who put their ID down on the counter when I’m holding my hand out for it

Jan 18 '14

When people come in at 11:45 pm pissed that we’re out of bagels

Oct 28 '13

What Sparty’s is NOT

Sep 24 '13

When you lock the keys in the back room at McDonel towards the end of your shift

Sep 8 '13

When I’m rude to a customer

Sep 8 '13

Attractive customers in dorms:


Realizing they’re likely underclassmen:


Aug 22 '13

To the inevitable “but there used to be a caramel mocha”

Aug 10 '13

Anonymous asked:

I'm like 95% sure who you are. I am also very surprised because you do not seem as funny in life as you are on this tumblr.

Maybe I’m not funny around you ‘cause I don’t like you…just a thought.image

Or you might have it wrong and not know who I am.  So many possibilities.